I’m a 3D Person

1950s-3d-movies“Well, you see,” the man on the bus said turning to me, “I’m a 3D person.” 

He said it they way someone might inform you that they’re a banker, hippie, or Republican, as if it would somehow explain why they like this or do that.  But the fact that he identified as being three dimensional only brought with it more questions. Perhaps he was just saying he fancies 3D movies?          

They are trying to discourage me,” he continued in a low voice.  “The one-dimensional people, they’re trying to bring me down!”   

Or perhaps he was just being haunted by one-dimensional beings.


The Shopping Cart Phenomenon

MP900444028Recently, a gentleman on the bus informed me that he’d singlehandedly solved the age old question that’s been irritating oh so many of us—why do some people push their carts directly down the middle the grocery store aisle?

“It’s because their houses are too square,” he said simply.  “They’re used to lots of room on either side of them when they walk around, so they really can’t help it.”  Apparently shoppers are like goldfish—they take up space based on the size of their home aquarium.

Despite their annoying behavior, he seemed to pity them.  And he theorized that the only way to fix their quirk was to change the shape of their homes (rectangular being the obvious ideal shape since it closest resembles a grocery store aisle).  He also worried that if houses continued to be built so boxy it could have more dangerous social repercussions like people driving right down the middle of the road. 

I guess, all things considered, maybe the shopping cart phenomenon isn’t as bad as it could be since the poor little shoppers really can’t help that they live in little boxes.

“Little Boxes”

Be a Sexy Racist for Halloween

IndianI don’t know why the classic ghosts, witches, and ghouls seem to have taken a backseat to Spongebob and the Playboy bunny, but as I dug through racks of Halloween gear I found myself the most puzzled and horrified by the large number of “ethnic costumes” as they were labeled.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a short sexy little number or something just for laughs I guarantee you there will be a racist stereotype in costume form to fit the bill. Continue reading

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

This video examines some trends in American dating (specifically why there’s more Asian girls dating white guys than the other way around) and it does it in a upbeat and very funny way.  Enjoy. Smile

Concert Review: Sondre Lerche in Seattle

Sondre LercheGoing to a late-night concert where you can sing practically every song (and, of course, you do) probably isn’t the smartest outing the day after oral surgery when your cheeks are so puffy it looks like you’re doing a Marlon Brando impersonation.  But seeing Sondre Lerche (he did the soundtrack for movie Dan in Real Life) at The Crocodile last night was totally worth it.  The venue was small enough that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. Although, I probably still managed to land the best spot—I could touch the stage! 

After seeing Sondre in concert a few years ago at Bumbershoot (the big Seattle music festival), I’d been hoping he’d make his way back to the Rainy State again for another fabulous show.  And he didn’t disappoint.

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Brandless: Keep Your Logos Off My Body

images (1)

I’d barely even given brands a second thought until I got my first job as a retail sales associate at a local department store.  After a couple of weeks, I realized an interesting dynamic: most customers were willing to spend much more money (sometimes up to double or even more) for the exact same plain t-shirt if it had a familiar brand name like Nike© stitched across the front.

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How to Tell a Hipster from a Gangster


“Fashion can say a lot of things,” Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton states in her essay Reading and Writing About Fashion. “It cannot, however, say nothing.”

Whether we like the fact our personal daily fashion choices communicate to the world around us or not, everything from the Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt we pull out of the dryer to the classic little black cocktail dress and matching stilettos we slip into for a night on the town is a text just waiting to be read. Regardless of the time we spend planning our “text” for the day, our clothing is not-so-silently whispering something to each person who comes across our path. The only question, therefore, is will they read the intended message?

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