Saturday’s Song: "Let’s Dance"

I happened to stumbled across this slow, beautiful, bluesy cover of David Bowie’s energetic song “Let’s Dance” while dinking around online yesterday.  Not as keen on the original, but I’m in love with this version.  It’ll likely be on repeat for awhile. 

Man, this song makes me want to go dancing.  

An absolutely beautiful version of “Let’s Dance” performed by M. Ward

Concert Review: Sondre Lerche in Seattle

Sondre LercheGoing to a late-night concert where you can sing practically every song (and, of course, you do) probably isn’t the smartest outing the day after oral surgery when your cheeks are so puffy it looks like you’re doing a Marlon Brando impersonation.  But seeing Sondre Lerche (he did the soundtrack for movie Dan in Real Life) at The Crocodile last night was totally worth it.  The venue was small enough that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. Although, I probably still managed to land the best spot—I could touch the stage! 

After seeing Sondre in concert a few years ago at Bumbershoot (the big Seattle music festival), I’d been hoping he’d make his way back to the Rainy State again for another fabulous show.  And he didn’t disappoint.

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The Cure for the Homework Blues

Even when I’m feeling sick to death of reading about metamorphic rocks and, in true Washington style, it’s dark and rainy out, Pomplamoose still makes me smile.  Enjoy.