The Art of Mastering the Stapler

Mastering stapling requires dedication, determination, and above all proper instruction. Many innocent fingers have experienced the sharp bite of a stapler releasing its venom simply because the user had not received teaching on proper technique.


j0227579The Cow that Ate Baby Jesus

As Nate looked down at the toy bovine towering over the manger panic suddenly he dropped the dairy cow as if he was holding a smoking gun. “Uh, Teacher?” he asked in a shaky voice. “Was .. uh … baby Jesus eaten by a … uh … cow?”



Dating Blunder: The Unforgiveable (Nerd) Sin

Yes, that’s right, I did the unthinkable.  I confused Star Wars and Star Trek when talking with my nerd boyfriend.  There goes that perfect girlfriend of the year award.  Sigh.




How to Tell a Hipster from a Gangster

Fashion, as I learned, can be very easily misread.  My international student friends mistakenly thought that the hipsters on campus were scary (some people might agree with that, but I highly doubt they’re going to do you any bodily harm).