“Gender [what’s socially defined as ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ like the colors pink and blue] is real. People are men and women. And this makes a difference not only to how they live, to how much they earn, to how well they perform, but also to how they experience themselves, their bodies and their lives.” ~Alva Noë


Dating Jesus is a Complicated Affair

“I love Jesus,” Campbell writes, “but if all believers are urged to stay on the straight and narrow, there seems to be an especially narrow road built for women” (Campbell 64).


superhero_birthdaythemeEve to the Rescue: Why “Helper” Doesn’t Mean Subordinate

The reference to Eve in Genesis as a “helper” is one of those tricky Bible verses—confusing and often misunderstood. Sadly, it’s even been used to justify women being treated as doormats.



Gender Differences

"What makes us different? We do. We don’t just happen to be boys and girls, men and women …” ~Alva Noë



STAINED GLASS - WEBThe Stained-Glass Ceiling

Growing up in church can be different for a girl.  It wasn’t the 1950s, but feeling trapped under my local church’s ideology it may as well have been.