Churchless in Seattle

Neither me nor my faith neatly fit into either box, which means the labels and assumptions are always wrong because, sadly, no one seems to have a mental box for the devoted churchless Christian.


j0227579 (1)

The Cow that Ate Baby Jesus

As Nate looked down at the toy bovine towering over the manger panic suddenly he dropped the dairy cow as if he was holding a smoking gun. “Uh, Teacher?” he asked in a shaky voice. “Was .. uh … baby Jesus eaten by a … uh … cow?”


eve_appleMisquoted Verses: The Bible Doesn’t Say That

If the saying sounds proverbial or has a “thee” or “thou” thrown in, people will often mistake it as biblical. But some of the most popular “verses” were actually coined  by people like Benjamin Franklin and William Shakespeare. 



Lent: Confessions and Confusion

“Lutheran?”  He questioned.  The word sounded foreign to him.  “Is it a Protestant church?”

“Of course, Lutherans are Protestants.  Martin Luther is who the Lutherans are named after.”  He just blinked at me.

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