Blogger Profile

MeName: Kelsey (but “Crunchy” works, too.  Whatever you prefer really).

Location: The beautiful, rainy (and sometimes moldy) Northwest.  Not too far outside of Seattle, Washington.

Bragging Rights: I ride public transpiration.  That’s right, savin’ the world one trip at a time.   

What I Do for Fun: Read, research personal projects, play cards and board games, blog, wonder around farmers’ markets, and people watch (public transportation and college campuses are both great places for observing the humans). 

What Sparks My Interest: Social sciences (the more academic version of people walking), classic literature, thanatology (I once wrote an anthropology paper on the history of cemeteries in America), theology, gender studies, and creative nonfiction.

Authors I’d Like to Have Lunch With: Anne Lamott, J.D. Salinger, David Sedaris, Robert Fulghum, Mary Roach, C.S. Lewis, Edgar Allen Poe, and Dr. Seuss (I might prefer meeting the ones who are still alive, otherwise, it could be scary).

Films I Fancy: Dan in Real Life, Benny and Joon, The Goodbye Girl, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Princess Bride, Where the Wild Things Are, Seven Years in Tibet, Plan 9 from Outer Space (a truly horrible movie but it makes me laugh), Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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