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The Crunchy Urbanite—“crunchy” as in “hippie” or “granola eater” not “crispy” or “crushable”—is a collection of essay-style musings on culture, writing, education, spirituality, grief, and finding beauty and inspiration among the asphalt.  The aim is to entertain and perhaps inspire while sharing my musings and misadventures.

You can easily subscribe to The Crunchy Urbanite via Facebook or Twitter.  And for the electronic hoarders, Pinterest.  Or if you’re interested in cooking or surviving being gluten-free, check out my other blog, The Crunchy Cook.

About the Blogger:

KelseyWell, for starters, my name is Kelsey and I’m a Puget Sound local who resides not too far outside of Seattle (the photo of me below was taken at the Asian Art Museum in Seattle).

I dream of big city life: swing dancing, book stores galore, farmers’ markets, and busses that run every ten minutes.  Ah, big city life.

Luckily, even though I don’t live within city limits, I’m close enough to enjoy many of the advantages and culture of the Emerald City.  I’m also a bit of a city hippie (hence, the blog name).

A couple of years ago I ditched folding polos and argyle socks for textbooks and midterms, and it’s been great.  As a mid-twenty-something, I’m technically a “non-traditional student.”  But I enjoy being an adult learner and I wouldn’t do anything differently.  I just completed my two-year Associate of Arts transfer degree and will be transferring to a university in the fall to completely the last two years of my Bachelor’s degree.  The plan is to major in Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies with a possible minor in Human Rights. 

Mr Munger and Me 2I also tutor college freshmen and sophomores in English composition.  I’m not an editor–more like a traveling companion for weary college writers (and boy, are there are a lot of them!).  The goal is to make the writing process (picking a topic, finding a thesis statement, researching, outlining, citing, revising) a little more fun and a lot less stressful.  And it seems to work. 

In addition to determining how to help students write some mean research papers and finishing my BA, my personal aspirations are to become a well-read individual, learn to cook gluten-free food that even a picky wheat-eater will venture to try, and marry my nerd (that’s my fiancé in the picture above).  And continue to learn more about this big ol’ blue-green space rock I call home.

And this, is my blog.


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  1. I recently found out I have a gluten intolerance. I’d love to hear any gluten free suggestions you may have. I am finding this whole process overwhelming.

    • Hi Jen! Yes, it really can feel very overwhelming at first. I’ve been meaning to post about living gluten-free and I’ll be sure and shoot you an email if I do.

      If you’re on Facebook, I’d recommend joining the Living Gluten Free page, I’ve found it very helpful! https://www.facebook.com/LivingGlutenFree

      Also, look into Living Gluten-Free for Dummies or The Gluten-Free Bible. They’re both helpful introductions to living gluten free (what to avoid, how to avoid it, eating out, etc.). Personally, I really like the Dummies format because it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for, but the other one is great, too. When I fist discovered I needed to go gluten-free I found it very overwhelming because I had no idea what I could eat or how to avoid gluten (or even what it was for that matter!). So, I’d defiantly start with something focusing on living gluten-free first to help you get a handle on some of that.

      And then, as for cookbooks, there are a lot! You could try something like Gluten-Free Cooking for Dummies, or most any other gluten free cookbook that looks good to you. There are also a lot of blogs/websites dedicated to gluten-free recipes that are pretty easy to find. Although it isn’t specifically gluten-free, you could give Dianasaur Dishes a try because the writer is great about specifying if it’s gluten-free or how to easily make it gluten-free. http://dianasaurdishes.com/

      You can also do a search for gluten-free dining in your area. A lot of paces (thank goodness!) are starting to have at least a couple gluten-free menu options.

      I hope that helps some!


  2. Love the sound of your blog! I am also a final year student (the traditional type however), studying English Language and Italian at The University of Manchester, England; a fan of gluten-free and city life! Best, Cam

      • I stopped eaitng gluten because my daughter is coeliac and I had heard there can be a link with psoriasis (I’m not coeliac). I also stopped any creams other than moisuriser, so i would know if it was the gluten or not. My psoriasis has improved so much! Patches that have not improved for years with various creams have shrunk or disappeared completely.I started eaitng gluten again so I could be tested for coeliac, and guess what, my psoriasis flared up again quite badly. I am now gluten free again now )

      • Hey, Jeffrey,

        Welcome to my blog! I’ve been gluten-free for several years now. I don’t really talk about food very often on this blog, but I do have a food blog, .


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