Saturday’s Song: "Let’s Dance"

I happened to stumbled across this slow, beautiful, bluesy cover of David Bowie’s energetic song “Let’s Dance” while dinking around online yesterday.  Not as keen on the original, but I’m in love with this version.  It’ll likely be on repeat for awhile. 

Man, this song makes me want to go dancing.  

An absolutely beautiful version of “Let’s Dance” performed by M. Ward

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Song: "Let’s Dance"

    • I love that version, too. And it really is perfect for a rainy day–slow and almost melancholy but beautiful. It suits the weather in the Puget Sound perfectly. 🙂

      And welcome! I enjoyed reading over your blog earlier. Back when I used to work retail I’d considered starting a blog about life as a fitting room attendant (dealing with customers asking questions like “does this make my butt look big?” and all the other joys that went along with it). I never ended up starting that blog, but I enjoyed reading yours because it was essentially the waitress version of the same idea. Love it.

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