Book Review: Dick and Jane and Vampires


 Dick and Jane and Vampires is a fun, Halloweeny new twist on the classic children’s books that helped teach so many people how to read choppy fragments that most likely would send your eighth grade English teachers into a panic.

In the new version, Dick and Jane are at first frightened by the bats in their house and the vampire who has taken to sleeping upside down in their closet—”Run, Jane.  Run away.”

But eventually, the little ’50s children and the vampire all become close friends.

Aw, so cute.  Dick and Jane teach Vampire how to climb trees, ride in the buggy like a baby, and jump rope.  Mom shows Vampire how to dress in drag by making him a new blue dress to match Jane’s—”Oh, see Vampire.  Funny, funny Vampire.”  And Sally encourages Vampire to not be sad when they discover he doesn’t have a reflection. 

The children are not Vampire’s only new friends, though.  Dick and Jane play matchmaker by setting Vampire up with a lovely vampiress they meet sitting on a park bench—”Look, Vampire, look.  Look and see.  Look at our new friend!”  Vampire seems quite taken by his new friend and doesn’t seem to mind the children’s meddling too much—”Vampire is happy.  Happy, happy, happy!”

Whether or not it’s Halloween, Dick and Jane and Vampires is the perfect novelty book for anyone who likes the original children’s series or has gotten into the vampire craze.  It’s a funny, quirky little book and I highly recommend it.

Look, look!  It’s at the bookstore.  Run to the bookstore, run, run!    


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