Concert Review: Sondre Lerche in Seattle

Sondre LercheGoing to a late-night concert where you can sing practically every song (and, of course, you do) probably isn’t the smartest outing the day after oral surgery when your cheeks are so puffy it looks like you’re doing a Marlon Brando impersonation.  But seeing Sondre Lerche (he did the soundtrack for movie Dan in Real Life) at The Crocodile last night was totally worth it.  The venue was small enough that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. Although, I probably still managed to land the best spot—I could touch the stage! 

After seeing Sondre in concert a few years ago at Bumbershoot (the big Seattle music festival), I’d been hoping he’d make his way back to the Rainy State again for another fabulous show.  And he didn’t disappoint.

In just jeans and a plain white t-shit, he held his audience captive through both the quieter, introspective songs as well as the fun, upbeat numbers.  And unlike some musicians, when he’d say something intended to be humorous the audience actually laughed rather than wishing he’d stop wasting their money and just sing. 

The song lineup was excellent (he worried me, though, when he saved my favorite song for last that he’d forgotten about it).  And even the opening acts were fun and very talented.  Just like the last time I saw Sondre in concert, it was all-around a great show and a very fun evening.  If Sondre ends up in your neighborhood on tour, I highly recommend checking out the show. 

Seeing as I’m supposed to be recovering form oral surgery, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell my dentist about my adventure.  Besides, I’m being good now—back to the ice cream, baby food, icepacks, and way too many naps for my taste. 

Although the video bellow isn’t from the concert in Seattle I attended, the person who filmed it was just as close as I was last night to the stage.  And “Modern Nature” (the wedding song in Dan in Real Life) is my favorite Sondre Lerche song.  Enjoy.  And try to see Sondre in concert if you get the chance!


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