Feeling Somber: The Death of a Terrorist

angel-in-irish-cemeteryThe sheer level of devastation that has been caused by one person is overwhelming. And his death, even if it does provide a sense of closer to some, doesn’t even begin to take away the damage.  For the people impacted the most by 9/11, I imagine this only brings back all their grief afresh. 

A young woman, Kristen, said in an online comment: "My Uncle Billy—my mom’s brother—was killed in the World Trade Center on September 11th. He was a firefighter. My father is one too. My Dad dug for my Uncle, his best friend, for months before we found him.  And thankfully, in the end, his body was found for our family. Today doesn’t feel like joy. It feels like epic sadness. I don’t think this is ‘justice’—it brings no one back" (Quoted from Ragamuffin Soul).

Epic sadness.  It seems like it’d be fitting to hold a memorial service for the victims and their families, but instead the Internet is completely covered with vulgar comments and grisly pictures celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death.  Perhaps the jokes and arrogant comments actually shows how disconnected we are from the people victimized the most because they’re not laughing, they’re grieving.

I’m amazed by the sheer level of hate that seems to have erupted since yesterday, especially online and in the media.  People at school excitedly talked about how they’d laughed when they’d heard “the news,” some religious folks talked about Osama bin Laden rotting in Hell, and one person commented that they felt like they were being “un-American” for not feeling happy about his death.  I don’t think all the crude jokes and boasting honors the memory of the victims of 9/11, though.  And it worries me that the Muslim community could suffer the backlash of all this hate, creating even more victims.


8 thoughts on “Feeling Somber: The Death of a Terrorist

  1. You are right. My first thought when I heard that they went in on a kill mission was shock. I understand during war, there is killing and it is justified. This seemed different somehow. A plan to deliberately find and kill a killer. If it had happened right after 9/11 no one would have questioned. Now, so much time has passed, that it seemed different. It was not a time for happiness.

    • I was shocked, too. And then shocked again by how many people were ecstatic when when the mission was successful. I agree, it wasn’t a time for happiness.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. And welcome to my blog. I always appreciate hearing from people! 🙂

  2. Your post says exactly the right way to feel. More grief and sadness and loss for the ones who lost loved ones on 911 and the USS Cole and all the other people who died because of the man who masterminded this hate. Hate begets hate… love lifted us to Christ and His way is love. Thank you for your post. sincerely, Carla Altland

  3. What a great way of putting things. I also thought the reaction to this military action was inappropriate. The team that accomplished the mission would have been happier to bring him back alive to get the massive intel he held.

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