The Perfect Nerd Date

Mr. M and I spent yesterday enjoying the weather (it was actually warm and sunny in Seattle) and exploring the Pacific Science Center’s newest exhibit, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.  It made for a fun, nerdy date.  And I successfully made it through the whole exhibition without calling it “Star Trek,” which I think should help to assure my nerd boyfriend that even though I may not appreciate video games and DND, at least I’m not embarrassing to be seen with in public.


In addition to some fun games, educational displays, and behind the scenes videos, the exhibit also featured many familiar favorites (RT-D2 and C-3PO being two of my personal favorites). 


A few more favorites.


Because the theme of the exhibit was “Where Science Meets Imagination” in addition to having actual models, props, and costumes from the movie (like Luke’s prosthetic hand shown above) there were also displays showing scientific advancements with things like prosthetic limbs that are making aspects of the movies no longer strictly the realm of science fiction and imagination.  I thought was a fun, creative way of introducing kids and adults to science and technology.  


Although less educational, this little guy was my personal favorite part of the exhibit.  R2-D2 has always been one of my favorite characters.  Too bad he wasn’t signing autographs. 


Yoda, of course, was fun to see as well along with a whole slew of the other costumes and models. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Even the infamous Darth Vader was in the exhibit (unfortunately because his display was so well lit the picture isn’t as good).  The exhibit made for a great nerdy date and was a lot of fun. If you’re in the Seattle area, swing by the Science Center and check it out.


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