Dating Blunder: The Unforgiveable (Nerd) Sin

star-wars-toys-626-2Me: “Oh, look the Seattle Science Center will be having a Star Trek exhibit, that’d be fun!” [Figured enthusiastically pointing out a sci-fi event to my nerd boyfriend was sure to earn me a best girlfriend of the year award or at least a few brownie points]

Mr. M: [With a look of horror] “Kelsey, it’s not Star Trek … it’s STAR WARS.” [Oops … so much for that best girlfriend of the year award]

Me: “What?  Oh, c’mon, I just said the wrong word.  I know the difference.”

Mr. M: “You’ve at least seen Star Wars, right?” [Translation: “Oh, my god, I’m dating a Star Wars idiot!”]

Me: “Hey!  Of course I’ve seen Star Wars.  I even had one of the cute Ewak toys as a kid, looked just like a teddy.” [Strike two … I’ve since been informed cooing over the cute little “space teddies” also doesn’t earn you points with the nerds.  In fact, it’s a surefire way to convince them you’re really, truly NOT “the one”]

Maybe it’s sure dumb luck that despite my hideous blunders, Mr. M. didn’t run screaming for he hills in search of a nerdy chick who’d understand his DND playing, Star Wars watching subculture.  Or maybe I just haven’t showed off how truly un-nerdy I can be.  But, hey, I have a blog.  That ought to count for something, right?


9 thoughts on “Dating Blunder: The Unforgiveable (Nerd) Sin

  1. Awesome story. If two hard core nerds got together though, the world might not be able to handle their children. 🙂

  2. Laughed so hard! If there is one thing I have learned about that world, you never ever mix up Star Wars and Star Trek, it is a very terrible thing indeed.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Ashley! And you’re right, it is a good lesson to learn about the ways of the world. 🙂

    • Haha, they’re cute! And it’s so sad when they get hurt. It’s a shame there weren’t any “space teddies” at the Star Wars exhibit, still fun though. 🙂

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